Good Causes

How we contribute

  • To date, our players have raised over £25 billion for the Good Causes.
  • Each week Camelot generates around £28 million for the Good Causes.
  • More than 350,000 individual awards have been made across the UK - an average of 119 lottery grants for every postcode district.
  • Although Camelot is responsible for generating returns to the Good Causes, it plays no role in the allocation o funding which is the responsibility of 14 independent distribution bodies.
  • At around 40% of total sales (around 28% to the Good Causes and 12% in Lottery Duty to the Government), Camelot returns a higher proportion of lottery revenue back to society than any other major lottery operator in the world, in percentage terms.

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Where the money goes

Camelot is committed to maximising returns to the Good Causes in a responsible way.

We run the most cost-effecient lottery in Europe - an achievement that has helped the UK National Lottery to generate over £25 billion for the Good Causes, and counting.

While Camelot is committed to raising money for the Good Causes designated by Parliament through the sale of National Lottery games, it is not responsible for distriubting or awarding these funds.

In the period up to March 2012, around 28% of total National Lottery revenue is expected to go to the Good Causes.

How do the figures break down? Well, during the current Licence period:

  • Over 50% of total National Lottery revenue is expected to be paid to winners in prizes.
  • 12% of total revenue is expected to be paid to the Government in Lottery Duty.
  • National Lottery retailers will earn 5% in sales commission for each Draw-Based Game, and 6% commission on each Scratchcard (Camelot's retailers earn on average £8,531 per annum in lottery commission).
  • Operating costs will be around 4% of total revenue.

In line with the incentivised model introduced by the NLC for the third Licence period, the percentage of profit will be determined by how much the operator raises for the Good Causes.

Depending on performance, total profits across the course of the licence will range from 0.3% to a maximum of 0.5% of total revenue.

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National Lottery Awards

The National Lottery Awards are an annual search to find the UK's favourite Lottery-funded projects.

Lottery players raise around £28 million each week for projects all across the UK and the Awards are a great way to highlight how that funding has changed the nation for the better.

Now in their eighth year, the Awards aim to recognise the incredible difference that lottery-funded projects have made to people, places and communities the length and breadth of the UK. They also celebrate the talent, hard work and amazing dedication of the people involved in running them.

Since The National Lottery began in 1994, over 350,000 grants have been given out across the arts, sport, heritage, charities, health, education and the environment sectors.

The Awards have seven categories, reflecting the different types of projects that benefit from Lottery funding. The categories are:

  • Best Arts Project
  • Best Education Project, in association with Best magazine
  • Best Environment Project
  • Best Health Project
  • Best Heritage Project
  • Best Sport Project
  • Best Volunatry/Charity project

The project in each category that receives the most votes will be the winner, with the results revealed on a special Awards event broadcast on BBC One.

Check out the Lottery Good Causes website for further information and details of this year's entries.

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London 2012

The National Lottery is contributing up to £2.2 billion towards the funding of the infrastructure of the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

Of this, £750 million will come from sales of specially-designated lottery games, including selected Scratchcards and all online Instant Win games - giving lottery players a chance to 'Be Part of It'.

Through mainstream funding, The National Lottery enables Britain's elite competitors to train as full-time professionals, and is helping to create an impressive junior talent programme network.

All 19 Team GB gold medal winners at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games were lottery backed. The National Lottery is providing £321 million to fund potential Team GB and Paralympics GB athletes to compete at future games.

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